The Measure of a Man

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I find myself lately being very observant of the men that surround me. Namely of course CC, my husband, and the only other men that are prominent in my life are those I attend church with. My grandfather is far away but his influence has been left and so that is there. But I find myself in this kind of objective mode lately. I am the mother of two young men and one day two young women. My boys are coming into young adult hood at 15 and 13. I have no father to base upon any right or wrong, strong or weak, kind or cruel examples.So this is why I find myself doing this. So that as I admire the qualities of these men I may be able to guide and instill in them these same attributes.The grandest observation of this whole internal process is that I am not without many many fine examples.

These thoughts bring me to my daughters as well, being only 8 and 5 you ask how. Well it is the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer that poses this. I read that series as an author and as a sister. I read about Stephenie before i read any of her books and I read New Moon (the second book) first. So I am a very different kind of fan. I was overjoyed that a sister in our church could experience such success and I was very elated that (from my experiences) her books were able to establish a sense of intimacy and romance with moral values as well. There are those who expressed their disapproval over the fourth book and then there were others who didn’t even read them because they didn’t want their daughters to and then there were many that were just infatuated with the characters and the story.

I found many women pining away over the character of Edward. I although very much a team Edward fan did not pine away. I found myself grateful for what he could accomplish as a positive influence on society. Being born of the 1700’s and having those morals instilled in him for over a hundred years he is not a 17 year old man of today. But as young women day dream about this brooding vampire and the way he cares for his love Bella I can’t help but be glad. Because with so much weighing down on women causing them to feel unloved, unspecial and ugly this character from ,a book even will, cause them to have an expectation of treatment that they do deserve. Don’t get me wrong I know young men are not going to be Edward. But is it a bad thing for young women to expect that they are that special?


Am I alone? What up with the smut?

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I am unpublished, unsheltered, multi generely read writer, author whatever you want to call me. But before it all I was a reader. I am still a reader and I’m highly opinionated! But guess what it’s my blog so I get that luxury. I am a member of several authors websites, I will link them to the side. But my favorite at the moment is It was developed by Harper Collins to “to flush out the brightest, freshest new writing talent around.” And let me tell you have they! It’s like being a member of an elite society of authors with undiminished, unaltered raw talent. But with that there are drawbacks as well.

I am not a reader who reads, regency or books of such. But upon many occasions I have found myself in the depths of a great story, bonding with the characters, walking their roads and feeling their emotions, completely engrossed in the story when BAM out of nowhere I become assaulted with words like clitoris. I’ve seen and heard worse but this is a Grated blog so I am going as technical as I can while still expressing my sentiments. Or I am caught up in a great monologue of conversation between two wonderful characters I have a great connection with only to have them throw out a totally unnecessary and obscene curse word.

Now the reason for my rant. I am a mother, a wife and a woman. I want intimacy, adventure, intrigue and excitement But I have a my ethics. Those ethics are set by two things my experience and my religion. I read the books, I’ve lived the life of those books. And then I became LDS and I live this life and I prefer it.

So when those BAMS happen I find myself in a highly moral dilemma. One that is my own. But I always consider these words, Shall I continue. And depending on whether or not I do depends on the story and how into the characters I am. But when I it is never quite the same. There is a lost connection that was once so strong. I usually skip whole chapters and sequences as a protection for my own mind. And as I read there is a sadness there. I know I will never read it again unless it is edited and I mourn for the potential of the characters and I mourn for the audience that will never know them.

I express my view to the author in a respectful but honest way. I praise them for all that I love and express my ethical view of my own opinion. For it is that all my own. But I ponder. Am I alone in my opinion? Are there other people out there that desire the intimacy of the character and the story without the explicit explanation?

Don’t get my wrong, I know that sex is going to happen. It’s not a sin. But I believe it has and can be done in a more exciting, eloquent and intimate way. I have always believed that the talent of an author lies in not telling the whole story.


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I recently thanks to a frugal friend started power couponing. To quote my cousin “Woa, it just go serious.” Thats what I mean when I saw power couponing. I have a hot pink black binder with a long black strap, subject dividers, baseball card holders etc. See what I mean by serious. I eagerly look forward to purchasing the sunday paper on Monday. I don’t buy items unless absolutely necessary on Sundays. And a local store has the papers for 1.50 instead of 2.00 That’s 2.00 a month and 24.00 a year. I mean come on. Anyways I do the internet couponing. Check the sales etc. I have read about the coupon clipping services that you pay for and they send them to you. But felt like it defeated the purpose. Anyways Granny came to visit recently from about 2,000 miles away. She brought with her months worth of Sunday paper coupons. I stayed up late cutting out the best, unexpired ones and awoke early to use them. I had told her of my new hobby before she came. Perhaps it was the fact she actually saw it, perhaps it is the deep rooted nurturing desire she has always had to serve and help as much as she could my children and I. But not matter what her motives, today in the mail I received a thick enveloped full of carefully clipped coupons. For free by Granny.

To Join or Not to Join? That was my question.

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I have found myself contemplating religion. And it’s not where to go but at one time it was. Oh say about seven years ago. I had a testimony of my Savior and his love and sacrifice. But I was no member of any particular sect. My mother was not and neither were my grandparents. My husband had only a brief experience with a small church before we were married. So we were both just kind of treading water. Soon I was plagued with nightmares of my children’s spiritual welfare. And I had the greatest want to be my stepson’s mother is some official capacity. (It doesn’t get more official than in God’s eyes)

So I prayed and asked for direction. Soon the Lord answered that prayer through his willing servants and when I heard the testimony of one man asking the same thing which I had asked. “Who of all these parties are right; or, are they all wrong together? If any one of them be right, which is it, and how shall I know it?” And it really touched me. There are many denominations where I come from. And there are even denominations within denominations with words like Southern, Freewill and just adding of and something after can give you a whole other church. So to say I was confused would be an understatement.  But the Lord answered the prayers of a humbled young mother and my life and my family’s life has been richly blessed because of it.

I know that not everyone would make the same choice as I to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I even had some family disown me for it. And when others found out of their choice their first questions was “Where do they go?” And that’s the wrong question. It doesn’t matter. Because one person does not make up a denomination or a religion. The doctrine, beliefs and example of that particular body as a whole make up a religion. And if people make judgements about a religion because of one person or even a family they aren’t really seeking truth. For thou should not judge and people who seek truth see past the weaknesses of man to see the strength of a Savior.

Ode to Evan….

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Today is my son Evan’s 13th birthday. Yes it was 13 years ago today I was 14 and he was born. (Pause for gasp) Now that I have let that saturate a moment. I will explain. I am not Evan’s biological mother but I have been his mother everyday since I was 18 and married his father. So that’s approximately 10 years. Evan was 3 when I became his parent. I can remember he when I would put him in time-out (which were not often) he would cry in his room.. (Ree I will be good) He could pronounce my name (Bree) spelled Bri very well. But I wanted to take a moment and celebrate him. He has overcome a lot of challenges at a very early age.  He had a speech delay and cognitive and motor skill problems as well. He endured having your mother leave you at a very early age. But he is a wonderful young man. Creative and intelligent. He loves to read and is a fabulous writer. He can draw as well. He has a tremendous amount of patience and kindness to others. He has a lot of confidence too. But his is a quiet kind of confidence, one that is very rare. You know the kind that doesn’t have to be loud and in your face. (like me) It’s a trait I admire in him. He will try new things and give it his best. As a mother I am very different from my peers. I don’t know if they do the things as I do or if they even have the same thoughts. But I notice as special significance in each of my four kids. Something that sets them apart from the siblings or peers. I know that I share that with my peers. But when I look at Evan and ponder on his life and take account of his talents and strengths. The thought occurs to me (a quiet confident thought). “He will endure and endure well in this life.”

How about the expectation of self?

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My aspiring writing career has brought this on.  As well as awaking at 4 am and feeling oddly rested. I will most likely need a nap later. But on with the blog. As I have learned about the writing industry whether about agents, publishers,authors or editors I have come to realize several things. They are not out to get you authors! We aren’t that important! Yet! This is a business. And the readers are the one’s who set the rules of popularity and the agents, publishers and editors are the ones who have the fun job of trying to guess what the readers want. Talk about stress. Hello! But on to my title. I have been rejected many times, have been critiqued by many readers and you know what I have got from it all? A better book, the opportunity to learn. How awesome is that? I find that in today’s society that as parents we harp on our kids, especially teens, about expecting or deserving what we want. We say things like “It’s a priviledge.” But then have the same if not worse attitude. We are doing ourselves, our society and our posterity a grave injury. In this economy it’s time to take responsiblity and press forward. And I can so get away with saying that. For two reasons : One My husband owned a construction business and Two. I was a realtor. We lost it all. The house the car’s everything! However we did keep some of our favorite furniture and electronics. Which we not treasure tremendously. LOL. But there were several factors involved with why we lost. And the one where we had to take responsibility we did. Poor choices, lavish living and spoiling our children being the one’s we had to own up to. Other factors contributed as well like no ethics by competitors and the fall of the housing industry. But I couldn’t control that so why worry about it. Anyways I just wanted to throw out those early morning stirrings. I might pay for this later. But not many read this blog so…..Ofcourse I say that and now I will have a spike in hits.

Dishliquid and Cleaningwipes… Oh my.

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Today I will be obtaining all the things that I need to make Dishwasher soap with rinse aide and how to make commercial cleaning wipes. As if you guys can’t tell I am doing the things that I use the most first. I am the most excited about these too. I’m curious. What cleaners and such do you guys use the most of?