4800 square feet to 900 square feet in less than a year

As I sit at our kitchen table clipping coupons and making a grocery list for this week. I hear my husband say “4800 square feet to 900 square feet in less than a year.” Hence the title of this blog. We will be in a 900 square feet apartment in a little over a month. We lived in a 4800 squft home in TN before moving here to Idaho in May. A home we lost to foreclosure. A house we never needed. I don’t dwell so you will hear no if I would have done this or that here. However I am not naive to the fact that this will not be easy. 4 children in one room two boys two girls you probably ask am I insane. And yes I am . But more faith is more  prevalent than my insanity. My granny (a middle child of 9 who actually shared a bed for many years with several siblings) said ” Some people won’t like that two teen boys and two little girls sharing a room.” I responded with this. “I don’t really care what they think and furthermore sharing a room in an apartment is a lot better than a halfway house, homeless shelter or living under a bridge.” And that my will be the destiny of my family if I am not smart.

So the first step at making this work is to quote my friends license plate “Simplify” So all furniture that isn’t going in the house or I have an emotional attachment to is being given a way for free. This leaves in the house only what furniture we are taking.

second. Going through all clothing, shoes, coats, toys, household items and donating excess to Deseret industries. My friend Gretch said that two towels per family member is all you need. A good rule of thumb. Another word of her advice is one comforter and two sets of sheets per bed. The extra set of sheets are folded and fitted into a pillow case and stored under the mattress of the bed.

third step. Assemble all photos and wall hangings, pick what will go in the apartment set aside then wrap and pack excess.

My tentative plan is to move in two waves. First sorting and getting rid all that I do not need then. Then boxing what I will be storing and moving out of the current house to storage. Finally only leaving in th house what we will be bringing with us to the apartment.

This gives me the ability to prepare and pace myself. It also gets us acquainted to living with less and making it easier on the Elders of our church when we move so their burden is lighter. People’s time is precious you should always show respect for that time by being as ready and organized as possible when they help you so they can be done quickly. Another perk to clearing out the bigger house before the move make it easier to repair any damage. We have nail holes to putty, cabinets and baseboard to clean, carpets to shampoo and so on and so forth. Which we really need to do to get our deposit back. Which we really need.

So thats the tentative plan I will update as I progress or need to vent.


~ by Bri Clark on January 17, 2010.

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