You ever had something looking you in the face and you didn’t see it. This reminds me of a scripture , something about a beam and a boulder. Idk anyways it’s always the obvious that is well hidden. I am a member of several author networking sites and that is where Glazier is posted. However I am now ready to share her with others and therefore wanted to make it reader friendly. Well I have been a member of for a while. I follow several stories by other authors and it was there all along. I humor myself into thinking that perhaps it is finally the very best I can make it if I finally see what is in front of me.

Here is the link for the first 5 chapters of Glazier. If you join the forum it will automatically email you everytime I update and you can read on.


~ by Bri Clark on January 2, 2010.


  1. That’s kinda cool. I started posting mine on my blog.

    • Yeah I really liked it alot. I am a member of as well. That is my favorite. It’s great community. But for those people who just want to read fictionpress is great. It’s user friendly as well.

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