The Measure of a Man

I find myself lately being very observant of the men that surround me. Namely of course CC, my husband, and the only other men that are prominent in my life are those I attend church with. My grandfather is far away but his influence has been left and so that is there. But I find myself in this kind of objective mode lately. I am the mother of two young men and one day two young women. My boys are coming into young adult hood at 15 and 13. I have no father to base upon any right or wrong, strong or weak, kind or cruel examples.So this is why I find myself doing this. So that as I admire the qualities of these men I may be able to guide and instill in them these same attributes.The grandest observation of this whole internal process is that I am not without many many fine examples.

These thoughts bring me to my daughters as well, being only 8 and 5 you ask how. Well it is the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer that poses this. I read that series as an author and as a sister. I read about Stephenie before i read any of her books and I read New Moon (the second book) first. So I am a very different kind of fan. I was overjoyed that a sister in our church could experience such success and I was very elated that (from my experiences) her books were able to establish a sense of intimacy and romance with moral values as well. There are those who expressed their disapproval over the fourth book and then there were others who didn’t even read them because they didn’t want their daughters to and then there were many that were just infatuated with the characters and the story.

I found many women pining away over the character of Edward. I although very much a team Edward fan did not pine away. I found myself grateful for what he could accomplish as a positive influence on society. Being born of the 1700’s and having those morals instilled in him for over a hundred years he is not a 17 year old man of today. But as young women day dream about this brooding vampire and the way he cares for his love Bella I can’t help but be glad. Because with so much weighing down on women causing them to feel unloved, unspecial and ugly this character from ,a book even will, cause them to have an expectation of treatment that they do deserve. Don’t get me wrong I know young men are not going to be Edward. But is it a bad thing for young women to expect that they are that special?


~ by Bri Clark on November 2, 2009.

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