I recently thanks to a frugal friend started power couponing. To quote my cousin “Woa, it just go serious.” Thats what I mean when I saw power couponing. I have a hot pink black binder with a long black strap, subject dividers, baseball card holders etc. See what I mean by serious. I eagerly look forward to purchasing the sunday paper on Monday. I don’t buy items unless absolutely necessary on Sundays. And a local store has the papers for 1.50 instead of 2.00 That’s 2.00 a month and 24.00 a year. I mean come on. Anyways I do the internet couponing. Check the sales etc. I have read about the coupon clipping services that you pay for and they send them to you. But felt like it defeated the purpose. Anyways Granny came to visit recently from about 2,000 miles away. She brought with her months worth of Sunday paper coupons. I stayed up late cutting out the best, unexpired ones and awoke early to use them. I had told her of my new hobby before she came. Perhaps it was the fact she actually saw it, perhaps it is the deep rooted nurturing desire she has always had to serve and help as much as she could my children and I. But not matter what her motives, today in the mail I received a thick enveloped full of carefully clipped coupons. For free by Granny.


~ by Bri Clark on October 21, 2009.

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