Ode to Evan….

Today is my son Evan’s 13th birthday. Yes it was 13 years ago today I was 14 and he was born. (Pause for gasp) Now that I have let that saturate a moment. I will explain. I am not Evan’s biological mother but I have been his mother everyday since I was 18 and married his father. So that’s approximately 10 years. Evan was 3 when I became his parent. I can remember he when I would put him in time-out (which were not often) he would cry in his room.. (Ree I will be good) He could pronounce my name (Bree) spelled Bri very well. But I wanted to take a moment and celebrate him. He has overcome a lot of challenges at a very early age.  He had a speech delay and cognitive and motor skill problems as well. He endured having your mother leave you at a very early age. But he is a wonderful young man. Creative and intelligent. He loves to read and is a fabulous writer. He can draw as well. He has a tremendous amount of patience and kindness to others. He has a lot of confidence too. But his is a quiet kind of confidence, one that is very rare. You know the kind that doesn’t have to be loud and in your face. (like me) It’s a trait I admire in him. He will try new things and give it his best. As a mother I am very different from my peers. I don’t know if they do the things as I do or if they even have the same thoughts. But I notice as special significance in each of my four kids. Something that sets them apart from the siblings or peers. I know that I share that with my peers. But when I look at Evan and ponder on his life and take account of his talents and strengths. The thought occurs to me (a quiet confident thought). “He will endure and endure well in this life.”


~ by Bri Clark on October 14, 2009.

One Response to “Ode to Evan….”

  1. it seems like only yesterday he would crawl in my lap and just sit quietly. he was so quiet, it scared me, i wasn’t used to that. he always wanted maw to fix his plate when we had dinner together. he let me fix him a plate while we were there, but i’m sure that will soon end. memories.

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