How about the expectation of self?

My aspiring writing career has brought this on.  As well as awaking at 4 am and feeling oddly rested. I will most likely need a nap later. But on with the blog. As I have learned about the writing industry whether about agents, publishers,authors or editors I have come to realize several things. They are not out to get you authors! We aren’t that important! Yet! This is a business. And the readers are the one’s who set the rules of popularity and the agents, publishers and editors are the ones who have the fun job of trying to guess what the readers want. Talk about stress. Hello! But on to my title. I have been rejected many times, have been critiqued by many readers and you know what I have got from it all? A better book, the opportunity to learn. How awesome is that? I find that in today’s society that as parents we harp on our kids, especially teens, about expecting or deserving what we want. We say things like “It’s a priviledge.” But then have the same if not worse attitude. We are doing ourselves, our society and our posterity a grave injury. In this economy it’s time to take responsiblity and press forward. And I can so get away with saying that. For two reasons : One My husband owned a construction business and Two. I was a realtor. We lost it all. The house the car’s everything! However we did keep some of our favorite furniture and electronics. Which we not treasure tremendously. LOL. But there were several factors involved with why we lost. And the one where we had to take responsibility we did. Poor choices, lavish living and spoiling our children being the one’s we had to own up to. Other factors contributed as well like no ethics by competitors and the fall of the housing industry. But I couldn’t control that so why worry about it. Anyways I just wanted to throw out those early morning stirrings. I might pay for this later. But not many read this blog so…..Ofcourse I say that and now I will have a spike in hits.


~ by Bri Clark on October 13, 2009.

One Response to “How about the expectation of self?”

  1. well go on and testify, maybe more people will read and learn something

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