God must be sarcastic and I must of really been a smartallick spirit child.

My questions is which is my life? Dramatic or Verbal Irony?

  • Verbal irony is a disparity of expression and intention: when a speaker says one thing but means another, or when a literal meaning is contrary to its intended effect. An example of this is sarcasm.
  • Dramatic irony is a disparity of expression and awareness: when words and actions possess a significance that the listener or audience understands, but the speaker or character does not.

I’m going to go ahead and say it’s a combination of both. One example. Had a great visit with family who came in from TN. After making some changes to my husband’s business (construction) we were blessed with some work. Then as the family prepares to leave the work van dies. A fuel pump costing 475 taking all our savings so far for the month for bills. But then as we are digesting that we are blessed with a new family van and two additional potential jobs are offered for him. Is that not just sickly funny. These are the situations of my life.  I find myself taking stock of these often and just laughing maniacally. Maybe that’s why they look at me funny at Win-co. I’m laughing all the time. Because such is my life. LOL


~ by Bri Clark on October 8, 2009.

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