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WordPress you have been so good to me and I appreciate all your have done and though there are definietly pro’s to your site. I am now focusing on my other blog for the time being. If you want to know what I’m into

Here is am


4800 square feet to 900 square feet in less than a year

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As I sit at our kitchen table clipping coupons and making a grocery list for this week. I hear my husband say “4800 square feet to 900 square feet in less than a year.” Hence the title of this blog. We will be in a 900 square feet apartment in a little over a month. We lived in a 4800 squft home in TN before moving here to Idaho in May. A home we lost to foreclosure. A house we never needed. I don’t dwell so you will hear no if I would have done this or that here. However I am not naive to the fact that this will not be easy. 4 children in one room two boys two girls you probably ask am I insane. And yes I am . But more faith is more  prevalent than my insanity. My granny (a middle child of 9 who actually shared a bed for many years with several siblings) said ” Some people won’t like that two teen boys and two little girls sharing a room.” I responded with this. “I don’t really care what they think and furthermore sharing a room in an apartment is a lot better than a halfway house, homeless shelter or living under a bridge.” And that my will be the destiny of my family if I am not smart.

So the first step at making this work is to quote my friends license plate “Simplify” So all furniture that isn’t going in the house or I have an emotional attachment to is being given a way for free. This leaves in the house only what furniture we are taking.

second. Going through all clothing, shoes, coats, toys, household items and donating excess to Deseret industries. My friend Gretch said that two towels per family member is all you need. A good rule of thumb. Another word of her advice is one comforter and two sets of sheets per bed. The extra set of sheets are folded and fitted into a pillow case and stored under the mattress of the bed.

third step. Assemble all photos and wall hangings, pick what will go in the apartment set aside then wrap and pack excess.

My tentative plan is to move in two waves. First sorting and getting rid all that I do not need then. Then boxing what I will be storing and moving out of the current house to storage. Finally only leaving in th house what we will be bringing with us to the apartment.

This gives me the ability to prepare and pace myself. It also gets us acquainted to living with less and making it easier on the Elders of our church when we move so their burden is lighter. People’s time is precious you should always show respect for that time by being as ready and organized as possible when they help you so they can be done quickly. Another perk to clearing out the bigger house before the move make it easier to repair any damage. We have nail holes to putty, cabinets and baseboard to clean, carpets to shampoo and so on and so forth. Which we really need to do to get our deposit back. Which we really need.

So thats the tentative plan I will update as I progress or need to vent.

To Get ahead you have to Sacrafice

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So here’s what’s new with the me. We have decided to move from our beautiful 2200 squ foot rental to a beautiful 900 squ ft apartment ultimately cutting all of our bills in half or more. We are destitute. We are preventing being destitute. We are all counseled to live within our means. Well in our line of work there is no way to guarantee what your means is.  So we are sacraficing space for peace of mind in an attempt to save money and when work is very slow being able to depend on that savings or since being in a smaller expense bracket we can make enough to pay those bills. Now I know all of you are wondering how I’m going to pull this off. I have a plan and am trying to get all the tools I need to make it as painless, organized and funtional as possible. Oh and we aren’t moving out of the ward boundaries and the kids stay in the same school. So you all can guess where I’m moving.

One blog inspires another…

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Oh my dear friend has decided to leave the Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and though this is saddening it is not the worst. My dismay is over what has transpired over the last few weeks. I have read her blog for months. She is a Morman Democrat and convert who has endured alot. She has two children under the age of 4 and a husband who has lost not one but two jobs this year and had their house burn down only after loosing everything and filing bankruptcy. There is the sum of it however you get to know it all if your are interested here 

So I have many things i desire to do here. A the fighter in me the defender perhaps you could say would like to do just that. Anyone who knows me knows not only do I have words but I have the faith, intellect and sass to back them up.

B. The sister in me wants to get on a plane go to where she lives start an impromptu fast and testimony meeting in her ward and say hey “lets fix this!”

C. the convert in me just knows.

And finally D. The outside the box, do what I want to do, sassy southern belle that is at my core applaudes her in her courage to ask why and try something new and I will pray for her whether she likes it or not.

Cheers Gabrielle


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You ever had something looking you in the face and you didn’t see it. This reminds me of a scripture , something about a beam and a boulder. Idk anyways it’s always the obvious that is well hidden. I am a member of several author networking sites and that is where Glazier is posted. However I am now ready to share her with others and therefore wanted to make it reader friendly. Well I have been a member of for a while. I follow several stories by other authors and it was there all along. I humor myself into thinking that perhaps it is finally the very best I can make it if I finally see what is in front of me.

Here is the link for the first 5 chapters of Glazier. If you join the forum it will automatically email you everytime I update and you can read on.


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When I say year of the saints I’m not talking about the football team. I’m talking about my brethern and sistern. Now don’t take my words the wrong way I’m not trying to elude anyone into thinking I’m a prophetess. But I am a positivess. So with that said I believe that 2010 will be a year of prosperity and growth to those who endure well and obey well. I also believe those that don’t will be tried and will come out and over true. I speak from experience and to quote a beloved sister Sandra Wilson who dubbed her 2009 theme “Bring it on.”

The Thyroid Cure…..

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So I go the Endo and they tell me that the cure is to take a radioactive pill, kill my thyroid, be isolated in my home from everyone for three days including family, then take medicine for the rest of my life to do what the thyroid would have done. Oh and it will take 1 to 2 years to get the dosage right. I laughed and said wow modern medicine really lowered the definition of what a cure is. What are my other options? I went with option B. I’m going to try medicine first. I will take something to stablize the levels and then once they are will slowly be weaned off the medicine and see how long it will stay normal. But remember this is not a cure. Hmmmmm….. What would you have done. LOL I’m just glad to be getting somewhere i feel good about. Oh but I may develop a rash, the pills taste bad and my white blood cell count can drop rapidly. So…. Still not afraid is that crazy or what. NO wait I am crazy.